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Ray Prim is a local singer soulwriter that's been recording and producing his own music for 10 years. He's recently branched out to mixing and producing for other artist. The goal is to help singer songwriters who don't have a band bring the ideas to life. Welcome to Ghetto Lounge Productions




Years active:



All Kinds 


Austin, TX

Production Team -

Ray Prim - Producer/Engineer/ Drums(programmed) 
Adam Prado/Alberto Ferrer - Bass
James Clarke//Vince Wiley - Keys

Christina Steele - Violin 

Courtney Castaneda - Cello

Caiti Coughlan - Viola

Kimberly Zielnicki -  Violin/ BGVS
Ange Kogutz and Mike Robledo - BGVS

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Just Mixing *- $100 per track

Using Production Team** - $500 per track

* - You come with your song already recorded. All we do is mix it.

** - You come in with just you and an instrument and we build everything around it. See examples below


"Working with Ray and his production team was an absolute privilege! Between Ray's intuition, ear, and masterful suggestions, not to mention the talented musicians he has at his fingertips (Adam Prado, James Clarke, Daniel David... and many, many more) I was able to walk away with a fantastic rendition of one of my favorite originals that otherwise may have never found a home. Would highly recommend, 10/10! "

- Violet Lea

"Ray has got a great ear and his production & musical instinct for my songs brings both a fresh perspective and an excitement into the music. He's done two remixes for me & I'm considering doing a whole record with him in the future. I absolutely love his spirit, energy and talent. Plus... he makes me laugh a lot and that is a great thing." 

-Chris Taylor


"Ray Prim re-mixed and reproduced a song I wrote with my friend Aly Tadros.  All I did was play the guitar and sing to a click and he and his team built the entire track around it. Including harmonies! It sounds incredible, was mixed perfectly and was wonderfully mastered.  I highly recommend Ray Prim for your mixing/mastering/production needs"

- Tom Meny

"Ray is hidden treasure.  A pure genius in his craft and full of originality when it comes to producing.  It was an honor to have Ray work on my debut EP and singles. "Erica Michelle


Ray Prim brought an inspired vision to his production and arranging style on "Salty With the Morning." Prim beautifully blended organic and synthetic instruments for a bouncy single with elements of timeless country and modern acoustic pop. As an accomplished songwriter himself, Ray provides mutual perspective to his work and natural musicality to his ideas. Prim was a pleasure to work with and his signature charisma and humor made the recording process easy and fun.

-Sasha Klare Ayvazian of American Dreamer


Ghetto Lounge Productions

       Ray Prim




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